Our rules are in place for your safety and the welfare of the fish and property. Please take time to read them.


  • No anglers can arrive before 1pm on your day of arrival. At 1:30 pm there is a walk around the lake with the bailiff. This is to help you get the best from your stay with us.
    Sorry, no waiting for late arrivals
  • The draw for swims will take place at 2.30pm. Any anglers that arrive late and miss the draw can choose from remaining swims.
  • Oak Lake – access is possible around the lake for unloading & loading only. Vehicle’s must then be returned to the car parking area.
  • Willow Lake – access is possible around the lake for your vehicle and you are able to keep your vehicle behind the swim.
  • Departure is no later than 10am on the date you leave.
  • Breakfast will be served at 9am on your day of departure. Please ensure that you have packed and cleared your swim by this time.

Rubbish & Glass

Due to various incidents we have made the decision that anglers must now take all rubbish & glass home with them. Thank you and we hope you understand.

Tackle & Equipment

  • 3 rods maximum. When 6 anglers fish a lake exclusive – 2 rods maximum.
  • Carp care kit must be used on all fish being returned to the lake.
  • No retaining of fish
  • Rods to be attended at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • No leadcore or leaders, rig tubing only.
  • No fixed leads.
  • MCF Dumper Lead Clips, Korda Heli Safe with pin removed & Drop off inline systems only. No other lead clips allowed. We stock the MCF clips on site – for more info see here
  • Micro barbed hooks only, no long shank hooks or bent hooks which include patterns like NAILERS, MUGGA and FOX SERIES 5 or any similar patterns. If in any doubt about a particular hook pattern please speak to the bailiff before you arrive.
  • Rig checks can and will be carried out. Please don’t be offended. Safety of our stock is paramount!
  • Minimum 20lb breaking strain mainline. Line to be checked on arrival.
  • No braid as mainlines (but it can be used on marker and spod rods).
  • Bait boats are permitted.
  • At Lac De Missy we supply all anglers with unhooking cradles, weigh slings and landing nets for use at the lake to stop any cross contamination. There are large carp in the lake and their safety is paramount.


  • No shelf life boilies to be used at the lake, frozen only. Each angler is limited to bringing 20kg of bait.
  • No ‘Goo’ style products to be used (anyone found using these products will be asked to leave immediately)
  • No nuts or fake (plastic) hook bait to be used.
  • Particles and Pellets – only those sold at the lake are allowed. Please do not bring your own, as you will not be allowed to use them. This is to ensure only low oil content pellets and properly prepared particles are used for our carp’s safety.


  • Only paying guests are allowed on the lake.
  • The angler is responsible for any damage caused.
  • The owners cannot be held responsible for loss or theft during your stay.
  • No refund given for early departure.
  • You will be asked to leave for improper behaviour of any kind.
  • No swimming in lake.
  • No open fires permitted.
  • Anglers under the age of 16 are welcome to fish but they must all be accompanied by a capable adult angler fishing the same swim.
  • Alcohol is accepted in moderation, but anyone found to have had excessive alcohol will be asked to bring their lines in. This is for the welfare of the fish and your own safety.
  • No drugs of any kind are permitted on site, unless they are medically prescribed.

Unhooking & Fish Handling

  • Fish must be unhooked, weighed & photographed in the lake
  • Fish must not be brought out of the lake and on to the bank at any time
  • Please make sure you have Waders/High Tops etc to unhook fish in the water