From: £270.00

  • Please read full description below.
  • Prices are per angler, for a week.
  • Max 6 Anglers per week.
  • Non-Angler Guests are £60 per guest.
  • Only one Non-Angler Guest per Angler.
  • Weeks start Saturday 1pm check in.
  • EXCLUSIVE USE: Better value!
  • For exclusive use, for 1-6 Anglers, choose 6 Anglers.

If a date is fully or partially booked, we may be able to accomodate additional persons, please contact us to discuss availability.


Full Availability Week is fully available

Partial Availability Week is partially available

Fully Booked Week is fully booked

Non-Angling Guests

You can invite 1 non-angler guest per angler attending for just £60 each.



2023 Prices
Single Anglers
March – April: Single Angler £270
May – September: Single Angler £310
October – November: Single Angler £270
NOTE: December to February not available to book

Exclusive Use (max. 6 Anglers)
March – April: Exclusive use £1450
May – September: Exclusive Use £1650
October – November: Exclusive use £1450
NOTE: December to February not available to book

Guests are welcome as part of an angler’s group, as long as they are not taking part in fishing.
Anglers are allowed ONE non-angler guest each.
Prices per non-angler guest are £60 all year round.

If you still have questions, please ring or email us for more information. Please don’t delay booking, as the spaces are already going fast. Please call about booking long weekends and short stays.

By booking, you agree to our Terms & Conditions, and agree to adhere to our Lake Rules for the duration of your time at the lake.