lac de missy hnv lake bait

High Nutritional Value

The name say’s it all
Due to Brexit and bait problems we have been working with HNV Baits this year to make sure we have a high quality Boilie as a lake bait for our carp which also gives anglers 100% confidence when using it.

We have been feeding the new bait over the winter with fantastic results.

We keep 2 great flavours + 2 size’s in stock for you to choose from.

Lac De Missy Nutri Nuts


15 & 20MM

Is light in colour and dairy based with a combination of roast peanut meal, tigernut meal, milk protein’s, a high quality bird foods and vegetable protein’s, along with yeasts, nut based liquid feeds, vitamins and minerals.
Nutrinuts is a sweet tasting bait that carries banana & caramel flavour enhancers, loaded with texture and food items that carp just can’t get enough of!

Price: 5 kilos = 50.00€

lac de missy bait provitplus


15 & 20MM

Provitplus is dark in Colour and fishmeal based

Another premium grade fishmeal bait rich in amino acids and digestible proteins.
Carrying a squid and blood orange flavour, this mix consists of a blend of low temperature fishmeal’s, pre-digested fishmeal’s, squid meal, krill meal, squid extracts along with vegetable proteins, yeasts, kelp, chilli and garlic.
To further enhance this already super attractive bait we have also included our vitamin premix, shellfish liquid feed, high quality Scottish salmon oil along with natural antioxidants, digestive aids and appetite stimulants.

Price: 5 kilos = 50.00€

lac de missy pops dips

Pop-ups & Bait Dips

We have pop-ups in all matching colours and flavours to our boilies, available in 10mm, 15mm & dumbell’s. Fluoro’s are also available.
Prices per pot 8.00€

Matching bait dips are available in Nutrinut, Envy & Provitplus and come in 250ml bottles. Price per bottle 10.00€



The Lac De Missy Particle mix is cooked weekly and has been specially formulated with all the great stuff you’d expect, plus a few extra goodies designed to make it irresistible to our carp.

Price: 10 kilos = 18.00€



This is the pellet which we have been feeding into the lake on a daily basis over the winter it is a mix of 7 & 9mm low oil with a molasses syrup added to give a little kick.

Price: 10 kilos = 28.50€

Lac de missy bait package

The Lac De Missy Bait Package

Why not take advantage of our bait package, that will give you a great mix of bait for your time with us.

It includes –
10 Kg of boilie’s 15 or 20mm
1 pot of pop-ups
10 kg of pellet
10 kg of particle

All for the amazing price of 145.00€!

Bait Boat Hire

We are happy for you to bring your own bait boat.

However, we now hire out our bait boats to guests.

How it works

When collecting a boat we take 100 euros from you. If you only use the boat for 3 days then we return 40 euros to you. Or you can choose to keep the boat for the duration of your stay for the full 100 euros.

PLEASE NOTE: The person hiring the boat is responsible for any damages beyond reasonable wear and tear!