We have put together a list of questions most frequently asked by anglers travelling to Lac De Missy Carp Lakes but if you need any other help or information please feel free to contact us any time, we always aim to reply within 24 hours. For information on availability & booking go to Oak or Willow lakes booking pages.
Our booking terms & conditions can be found here.

Preparing for your journey to
Lac De Missy

BREXIT Important Info.

Some changes will apply from the 1st January 2021 for travel to EU Countries. For example:

1. You will need a minimum of 6 months validity left on your passport.
2. You may need to carry a Green Card for your vehicle insurance.
3. Your EHIC “European Health Insurance Card” should still be valid but you should also consider taking out a holiday insurance policy to include sickness/health/repatriation cover & cancellation cover.
4. Some mobile phone providers may not carry on providing free roaming, please check with your provider.
5. There will be new customs rules, please check what you can/cannot bring & take back with you Like Food & Boilies Est

For up to date info on all changes please check the official UK / French government websites.


Q. Do I need holiday insurance & medical cover?

A. We strongly advise taking out a suitable holiday insurance policy including cancellation cover & sickness/health cover.

Q. What documents do I need to drive in France?

A. It is compulsory to carry your original vehicle registration & insurance documents with you also your driving licence. They do love to issue on the spot fines here!! Here is a useful link telling you of legal requirements when driving abroad The AA driving in Europe

Q. Can I find Lac de Missy Carp Lakes by putting your postcode in my Sat-Nav?

A. Yes but Postcodes in France for Sat-Navs do not work in the same way as the UK, for instance the postcode you need to put in is 02880 or our road name La Biza or you can print the map we have on the website.

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. No, sorry we don’t allow pets.

Local Shopping

Q. How far to the nearest shops?

A. The village of Missy Is a 5 minute walk away for tobacco and a beer, but we have a large Carrefour supermarket 10 minute drive away for any food or snacks..

Q. Are most shops open on Sundays?

A. Sorry no, Sunday shopping laws in France are totally different to the UK, most shops are closed but some small supermarkets open on Sunday mornings as do some bars tabac’s & bakeries..

Q. When buying fresh milk in French supermarkets are the tops the same colour as in UK supermarkets?

A. No, people often get caught out on this one so do be careful!!

Green Top is Buttermilk.
Blue Top is Semi-skimmed.
Red Top is full cream.


Q. Can I get on to the lake before 1pm?

A. We really do appreciate that you may have had a long journey & are eager to get on to the lake but we are sure you understand that we have quite a lot of work to do once the departing party have left before we can welcome newly arriving guests. We do try to be ready before 1pm & will open the gates as soon as possible. On your drive to us once you come off the N2 that is the big Carrefour supermarket that has a small bar / cafe in and you can pick up any supplies you need this can be useful if you have an overnight ferry crossing.

Q. Can I drink the tap water?

A. Our water supply is from the mains that supply’s the village so YES It is safe for drinking.

Q. What is the lake bed made up of?

A. Oak – The bed is a dark silt over clay. Willow – The bed is a dark silt over clay with large chalky area spots.

Q. Do I need a spod / spomb / baitboat to get bait out to most hot spots or is a catapult / stick good enough?

A. A baitboat does tend to be an advantage for accurate baiting but you can also walk round to bait-up, we don’t recommend using a spod or spomb as it tends to spook the fish.

Q. What is the maximum distance you would need to cast?

A. The casting distance is between 7 & 10 wrap’s depending which swim you are in. See our lake maps for more information.
Oak Lake Map
Willow Lake Map

Q. What colour tubing should I bring?

A. Best to bring dark grey green brown tubing as the lake bed is a light brown silt over clay.

Q. Do you supply mats, weigh-slings & landing-nets or should I bring my own?

A. We supply carp cradles, unhooking mats, weigh-slings & landing nets free of charge but if they are damaged in any way by you, we would charge you for a replacement.

Q. Is there vehicle access around the lake?

A. There is vehicle access around the both lake to the swims but on Oak you vehicle must be parked in the car park area after you have unloaded.

Q. Can I bivvy-up elsewhere around the lake?

A. No, only at the designated swims along the side of the lake.

Q. Can I use artificial baits such as plastic corn to create a balanced snow man rig?

A. Sorry no we have a no artificial bait rule. Please see the Lac de Missy Rules

Q. Can I use maggots?

A. Sorry no. Please see the Lac de Missy Rules

Q. Can I bring tinned sweetcorn to use?

A. Yes tinned sweetcorn is fine.

Q. Can I bring shelf-life boilies to use?

A. No, sorry shelf-life boilies are not allowed. Boilies must be fresh/frozen, there is a bait freezer on site that you to store your boilies.

Q. Can I bring nuts & particles?

A. Sorry no. As per our lake rules no nuts of any description, no particles except maize which is prepared & supplied by us.
Pre-prepared Hemp in sealed jars / bags is allowed from reputable suppliers.
Use of hemp is limited to 5kg per angler per week

Q. What are the best tactics, rigs & hook sizes?

A. Tactics, much the same as the UK & really whatever you’re confident with. We would recommend size 6 to 4 micro barbed hooks and hooklinks about 6 to 8 inches. Normally fished here are inline leads semi-fixed or lead-clips. If you’re on a silty area a snowman – pop ups is ideal, if you find a clear hard spot try bottom baits. Best way is to try different on all 3 rods & see what works best fishing to the far margins. The majority of the fish are caught on bottom baits.

Q. What line is best to use?

A. We recommend a good 15lb fluorocarbon line.

Q. Do I need to back-lead?

A. We do recommend it for here.

Q. Will the fish take off the top?

A. This has been tried many times & to the best of our knowledge they do not.

Q. How much bait do I need?

A. Anglers normally bring 10-20kg of boilies each which should be plenty for the week, if you want to use maize & pellet which needs to be pre ordered & purchased from us only we would recommend 10-20 kg of each. We always keep plenty in stock should you need more through the week. For bait available onsite please click www.lacdemissy/bait

We hope this helps and answers some of your questions & we look forward to seeing you here.